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Bass Workshop Faculty

Thierry Barbe

Thierry Barbé is es-principal bass in the Paris National Opera Orchestra and double bass professor at the National Superior Conservatory of Music in Paris. Born in Metz, eastern France, Barbé studied piano and double bass while simultaneously pursuing a degree in science, before devoting himself exclusively to music at the CNSMDP, where he earned degrees in Harmony, counterpoint, 1st prize music analysis, music history, and a first prize in double bass with JM Rollez. Barbé likes to perform recitals with piano, plays all types of expressive music, with the “French touch”sound and sense of phrasing. He has played and featured in master classes in about 25 countries. He has taught double bass since 1982, notably at the Saint Maur conservatoire, near Paris, where he keeps advanced students from all over the world. He frequently performs his own compositions (his first CD, “Nomade”, was released in 1998, DVD “French Impressions” 2016). Barbé has experimented with numerous technical approaches to the double bass (all techniques Nanny, Rabbath, Roumanian, left hand positions, and all kinds of bow grips frandh and german, bass regulations for all kind of hands…). He likes to concile all of them in his pedagogy. Since 2001, Barbé is the French Bass Society president (ABCDF). He was member of the I.S.B. board, and organized with Riccardo Del Fra a succesfull international bass convention in Paris in 2008. He was board member of Bass Europe society in 2017. He is artistic director of the summer camp “Biarritz International Bass Academy”.

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