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Johnny Hamil

John Hamil loves to teach and play music. He maintains a private studio of both Double & Electric bassists in the Kansas City area. His main focus is teaching young bassists (ages 3 and up) which was inspired and guided by the ground breaking pedagogue George Vance. Recently he has been interested in developing a sequential method of teaching improvisation/ composition in all styles of music that unlocks the creativity of the student. Many of his students go on to be comfortable performing in Orchestras, Jazz bands, and Rock groups. John graduated from Kansas University with a Bachelors of Music Education. He has studied Double Bass with Misha Krutz (K.C. Symphony), Lawrence Rice (Salt Lake Symphony) & François Rabbath (Paris, France). He is also founder and administrator to the Kansas City Bass Workshop (, a week-long intensive double bass festival now in its sixth year.

He plays nationally and internationally in Mr. Marco’s V7, the Malachy Papers, rock bands ERIC, and Pamper the Madman. He has recorded many CDs with all of these groups and has many compositions/tunes on each record. The independent release of his album Sparkin Your Mama by Mr. Marco’s V7 was elected as “one of the best of 2011” by The Kansas City Star’s Timothy Finn. Since his first gig was at 13 he has logged in more gigs than can be counted. Some highlights have been performing at the Telluride Jazz Festival, New Orleans Jazz festival, Music Action Festival (Nancy, France), International Society of Bassists Convention (San Francisco) and the George Vance Workshops. He also performs contemporary classical for the Kansas City based New Ear Ensemble. This is a small ensemble group in which he has performed such works by contemporary composer such as Xenakis, Kagel, Ligeti, and many more. He also works as a freelance and studio musician in and around the Kansas City area in the rock, jazz, and classical genres. Finally, he composes and performs his own solo Double Bass pieces as well as standard repertoire solo pieces in recitals.

Johnny has been working on a new version of his band Mr. Marco’s v7 which incorporated all former members of the band and collaborated with 20 plus local singer song writers from the KC original music scene. The new group is called Gav7d. The concept is larger than one group so it had to be renamed. The First stage: Singer Songwriter. Collaborate and compose vocal song with a different singer from the KC original music scene. Second stage: Punkfunkpolka band, reinterpret the songs as instrumentals in the various three genres. (The band is loud and amazing like a new form of Mr. Bungle, Early Chili Peppers, Bad Brains, Fishbone or other great bands that bent different genres to their advantage). Third stage: CartoonJazznoir band. Reinterpret the songs that would love to live in a smokey speak easy with imaginary cartoons as clientele. Fourth stage: Extoticamiddleasternfreejazz band. To push folk music into forms of avante-garde and other V7ism. Fifth stage: Solo double bass. Johnny has presented most of his solo bass concerts as V7 music since he started performing as a soloist ten years ago.

Manhattan Beach, CA   |   |   (562) 895-9927
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