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Bass Workshop Faculty
Patrick Neher



"Be Not in a Rigid Space, Move with Supple Grace."

             Patrick Neher began music studies at age 8, with cello and piano his interest, he then added the double bass at age 11. He received his Master of Music Degree from the Juilliard School in 1981, where he was a prodigy of David Walter. During his 5 decades in the music profession, performing solo, in chamber and symphonic groups, Patrick has traveled five continents, he has published more than 50 musical compositions for solo, chamber, symphonic, and modern dance ensembles and for 28 years, Professor Neher taught music and cross-disciplinary collaborations at the University of Arizona. In 2016, Patrick founded Washington Allegro Vivace Ensemble (WAVE), which has its performance home at The Firehouse PAC. Patrick presently teaches, coaches, and records out of his home studio in Bellingham, WA, which is dedicated to acoustic artists.

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